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657 billion disposable diapers & hygiene products are consumed in Europe annually, all contain non-biodegradable, Super Absorbent Plastics (aka SAP), responsible for over 6% of urban waste and a substantial segment of the global plastic environmental crisis and creating a “Plastic Toxicity Tax” regulatory risk to the $80B personal hygiene industry


Our Mission

To address the major global plastic and micro-plastic waste challenge caused by absorbent plastic materials present in disposable hygiene & other products.



eSAP, the first fully ecological & biocompatible SAP material that meets the high performance requirements of the industry with active-material control-release features

for medical, hygiene and agrochemistry applications, all based on deep polymer technology.


Zvika Meiri serves as CEO at Green Polymers.  
Prior to this Mr. Meiri served as president of Alliance tires a global company that produces & markets tires. 75% of the company's sales are exports to 68 countries. The company uses high technology it developed, in manufacturing unique tires in the agriculture field, earthmoving, industrial, and off the road tires.
Prior to this Mr. Meiri also served as General Manager of Tefron – a global tech manufacture of undergarment products. The company exports undergarments to leading chains in the USA and in Europe and is considered number 1 in the world in the technological level of producing undergarments.
Prior to this He was the General Manager of the Paper and Cardboard Division in the Hedera Paper Factory, in Israel. The company included 5 factories and 2 marketing companies. Mr. Meiri served as Vice President of Plant, Director of Operations and Director of the main Plant in Hadera Paper Factory where he was in charge of production, engineering, maintenance, technology, logistics, personnel and management. Hadera Paper is one of the largest diaper producers in Israel.
Mr. Meiri  is a Mechanical Engineering degree at the Technion, Israel, and a Business Administration for Senior Managers, from MIT (Boston, USA)

Mr. Zvika Meiri


Mr. Shai Shahal

President &

VP Business Development

Mr. Shahal holds the position of VP Business Development & marketing at Polygreen.
Previous to Polygreen, Mr. Shahal served as C.E.O & Co-Founder at Comfy Multimedia Systems. Comfy develops, manufactures & markets Multi-platform Edu-tainment systems. Its product line is marketed world-wide.
Prior to this Mr. Shahal was the V.P. of Marketing residential sector at Pelephone Communications, one of Israel's largest Telecom operators.
Previous to that he served as Senior VP Marketing & Sales of Broadband Internet at MATAV (HOT), one of the largest cable companies in Israel.
Mr. Shahal lectured occasionally International Marketing & entrepreneurship at the MBA School of Tel Aviv University for many years and is an entrepreneur at heart.
Mr. Shahal holds two degrees from Tel Aviv University: an MBA where he majored in management & international marketing and a BA in Economics & political science.

Dan Eliahu

Agriculture product developer

Dan received his B.Sc. in Biotechnology and Agroecology from the Hebrew University and his M.Sc. at the Plant and Environmental Science Department in Weizmann Institute. Dan joined Polygreen-Group after 3 years in the industry, full of motivation. What drives Dan to be part of Polygreen-Group is the mutual green vision to adapt ecological and energy-saving methods to create a sustainable industry that brings the world green solutions. Dan is convinced that this shift must start with agricultural approaches. The best place to start is with the element which benefits every living – Water.
Water-saving through Super Absorbing Polymers can prevent water deficiencies in climate change, and he is therefore excited to explore and apply this new green approach to substitute the polluting applications being used so far in agriculture.

Mr. Ron Brand

Process Engineer

Working at polygreen-group ltd since 2019, as head of the Engineering and scale up department. Responsible for designing new processes, purchasing new equipment and build the monitoring and control systems for them.

Responsible for collecting data from the process, analyze it in all scales and improving the work methods at the factory. Responsible for recruiting new workers and building training programs for them.

Prior to that worked at Haifa Chemicals, M.Sc. & B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from BGU university.

During the time, was a researcher at a physics biology lab, studding the physics of contractile poroelastic actomyosin sheets.

previously was an intelligence officer in unit 9900 in the IDF.

Mr. Peter Teplitzky


Head of chemistry development, conducting research and development in polymer chemistry, including polymer formulations, post-synthesis treatments and modifications. Integration of active materials within the polymer for property tuning and delayed release.

Product development alongside regulation and international certification procedures – biodegradability and biocompatibility testing.

B.Sc Chemistry at the Technion – Israel institute of technology. Previously an officer at the chemistry and materials department in special R&D unit at the IDF.


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Prof. Mircea Bucevschi

Prof Bucevschi is an external consultant and Advisory Board member at PolyGreen
Prior to this, he served as Professor at the Leather Department at the Textile-Leather Faculty at the Technical University "Gh. Asachi" in Iasi and Associate professor at University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T.Popa” Iassy, Bioengineering Medical Faculty, coordinating over 15 Ph.Ds. in specialization “Structures, processes and technologies for leathers and substitutes  manufacturing”
Member of the research group ”The Polymers science with application on biomaterials, leather and substitutes manufacturing” at Technical University “Gh.Asachi” Iasi
Prof. Mircea graduated the Polytechnic Institute of Lasi, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, Department of Macromolecular Chemistry Technology (Romain) in and obtained his Ph.D. at the same institution.
Prof. Mircea published 64 scientific papers published in Romanian journals, 19 scientific papers published in foreign journals, 3 books, 38 patents and was medaled at International Salon of Invention from Geneva , Brussels, Morocco and Iasi.

Dr. Uri Ash

Prior to that Uri had 11 years in Academy, leading experimental projects as a lab manager and senior researcher, postdoc and a PhD student,

During his years in Technion and ETH Zurich, he specialized in various engineering systems, ranging from solids processing through heterogeneous catalysis to fuel cells, and developed his own ideas and experimental concepts.

“Being a chemical engineer, a scientist and a teacher, chemistry is still  the basic part of everything I do in my career. For me, chemistry at its best involves engineering - to deliver a product or to hold an experiment; science - to be sure you follow the correct (new) path; and people - students and colleagues who make chemistry a worthwhile profession”.