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About Us

Eco Absorbent Technologies  

Eco Absorbent Solutions

Our Story

The Polygreen group was founded in 2016 and is located in Nahariya, Israel.

The company developed a proprietary green super absorbent material and scaled its manufacturing process.

Polygreen's growth was funded  by a combination of equity and EU as well as local grants.

We developed our technology for three product lines:

SAPgenix serves the hygiene industry,

Plantov provides agricultural applications and

Pharmadress specialises in medical applications.

Large corporates in these markets can meet their ESG goals by embracing Polygreen's products.

Our Mission

To Lead in the Development of Sustainable Technologies

Our mission is to address environmental challenges with novel green chemistry and disruptive products.

Our commitment to sustainability does not distract us from seeking product excellence. We only introduce products that are straightforwardly better than their alternatives, on top of being sustainable.

In the hygiene industry, adopting our Super Absorbent solutions reduces the amount of generated plastic waste. With this we help address the major global challenge of coping with plastic and micro-plastic waste.

In agriculture, our products enhance food security and promote resource efficiency.

For more contributions to sustainability keep reading or contact us.

Lead to a Cleaner Environment
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