About Us

Eco Absorbent Solutions

Eco Absorbent Solutions

Our story

Polygreen group, located in Nahariya, Israel was founded in 2016.

The company has grown via a combination of equity and grant founding allowing us to develop our proprietary absorbent technology into three product lines: SAPgenix for the hygiene industry, Plantov for the agricultural applications and Pharmadress that specialized in wound dressing applications including  nonwoven based dressing.


Polygreen developed Unique Super Absorbent polymer that is both biodegradable and biocompatible.


Our material is hybrid composite mix of natural, protein based biopolymer and synthetic polymers to form a superabsorbent polymer with high absorbency under load.

Our Mission

Lead to a Cleaner Environment

Our mission is to address the major global plastic and micro-plastic waste challenge.

By reducing the amount of plastic waste caused by the hygiene and medical industry and by promoting resources efficiency in the agriculture industry we know that our product can make a significant impact and lead to a cleaner environment.

Lead to a Cleaner Environment

Our Offering & Technology

eSAP, the first fully ecological & biocompatible SAP material that meets the high-performance requirements of the industry with active-material control-release features for medical, hygiene and geochemistry applications, all based on deep polymer technology.

KPI‘s Innovation & Material

  • Eco-friendly absorbent material, no toxic residuals (Comparables may degrade in over 100 years, leaving toxic residuals)

  • Skin friendly; no irritations, monomer free, safety validated (phase one)

  • Meets personal hygiene market performance requirements. (e.g., free absorbent, under-load-absorbent, retention capacity)

  • Versatile product forms; powder, printable material, fiber. (enables tailor-made high-end applications in hygiene, agriculture, packaging & wound dressing products)

  • Widely available feedstock & competitive manufacturing cost base

  • Meets EU Waste framework directive (EU-H2020, €4M grant winner). Reduce; product weight reduction, Recycle; Multi-plastic elimination, Landfill; biodegradability

  • Scaled-up-proof production process