Our Brands

We Promote and Produce Eco Absorbent Solutions

Polygreen developed unique super absorbent polymer that is both biodegradable and biocompatible.

SAPgenix offers an ecological SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) material for the Hygienic industry. 

SAPgenix products are provided as granulated powder or printed on various substrates such as PP, PLA, Bamboo, Cotton etc., using SAPgenix proprietary SAP On Nonwoven (SoNTM) technology.

SAPgenix products offers a better compliance to the European Waste Management Hierarchy, helps our customers to meet growing consumer trends for friendly products as well as to avoid current  & future regulatory risk.

SAPgenix SAP is bio-degradable & biocompatible and meets the industry “EDANA” super absorbency standards. With SAPgenix diaper & other hygienic product manufacturers can offer their customers a healthier & environmentally friendly product, meet consumer trends and avoid regulatory risk.  

Current Common SAP Challenge

SAPs (Super Absorbent Polymers) are Petroleum based polymers that can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of a liquid; up to 50 times its weight in saline/urine and over 500 times its weight in distilled water.


Common SAP is non-Biodegradable, which makes it a global ecological disaster; over 100 Years landfill decomposition for a diaper, up to 6% of solid residential disposable garbage!.
Common SAP is also non-Bio-compatible and contain more than 400 PPM free monomers that are hazardous  for direct skin contact, which bans its usage for various direct-skin-contact related hygienic applications.

The future of absorbent core

Alongside with unique printed SAP that can be used as a Bio-core for hygiene products we have also  developed a solution-blown-based unique production process for nonwoven Super Absorbent Fibers (SAF).

Its unique resin transforms into continues fiber and calendered into nonwoven with extremely high absorbent capacity. The super absorbent nonwoven can enhance absorbent cores or completely replace them. The SAF-NW can apply to various industries including Hygiene, wound dressing, and agriculture